Avalon has the 5th lowest rates of overweight and obese children in Sydney – Avalon Beach Chiropractic

We are so proud to say that Avalon Beach is among the 5 lowest suburbs in Sydney for overweight and obese children. It is no doubt that while being active can certainly cause injuries during sporting activity such as soccer, surfing and swimming the rate of injury is considerably higher in the less active populations in Australia.

It is important also to consider the stress on the body that occurs with an increased body weight. The Avalon Beach Chiropractic team is concerned with the bodies structure and how imbalances place abnormal stress on problem areas in the body. By ensuring our body composition is at a healthy composition we can keep injuries to a minimum.

If you are concerned at all with your weight range or if you are possibly concerned about your composition of lean muscle to body fat percentage a DEXA scan can be effective in giving you a baseline. If you would like assitance in achieving a healthy weight range our nutritionist, naturopath and herbalist – Poppy Osprey is available by appointment with flexible times throughout the week.

Coming into the winter months can be a tough time to keep your exercise on track, if you are lacking motivation take a look at Doctor of Chiropractic, Sam Garner’s contribution to the Pittwater Life this month with information on how to keep yourself on point when it comes to exercise. Important considerations include finding a work-out buddy, joining a team and changing your exercise routine to keep things exciting. During the Autumn and Winter months yoga and pilates can be fantastic forms of exercise.

If you are unsure whether a nutritionist, naturopath or herbalist is for you when it comes to managing your weight give Avalon Beach Chiropractic a call and we will organise Poppy to speak to you on the phone to see if a consultation is necessary.

Warmest Regards,

Sam Garner
Chiropractor, Director
Avalon Beach Chiropractic & Wellness

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