Do you suffer recurrent headaches? Chiropractic can often help.

What type of headache do you have?

HeadacheTension headache: this headache is characterised by a dull generalised headache or tightness around the scalp. Tension headaches affect mood, concentration and may be accompanied by nausea.

Cervicogenic headache: this type of headache is typically one-sided and can be throbbing in nature, it will often cause pain just behind your eye on the involved side. Usually you will also have some pain and discomfort in your neck and when this headache is severe your may have vomiting and nausea.

Migraine: usually this type of headache can have a variety of other symptoms accompanying the headache. These may include vomiting and nausea, visual disturbance, sensitivity to sound and dizzyness. Often this type of headache will confine the individual to a room and they will not want to interact with other people.

Diagnosis of your condition requires taking a history of your condition, performing some gentle orthopaedic and neurological tests and various vital system checks (such as your blood pressure). If your condition requires serious medical attention than you will be promptly referred. Often however these headaches are not serious medical conditions and can be helped by chiropractic.

With cervicogenic and tension headaches it is estimated that success rates with chiropractic care are as high as 90%. With migraines it is estimated that success rates are as high as 70%.

Chiropractic is focused on correcting underlying causes of your symptoms and while we realise medical drugs may be necessary when problems are severe, treating the body naturally is always the best approach.

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