Correct your Posture, Correct the Cause

posture - hands on back 450 widthWhy does “everyone” have back pain, why does “everyone” have headaches? So many patients come to our clinic and think this is “normal”.

When we look back, you will very quickly realise that people never used to sit at a work desk all day. People have evolved from what was once a hunter-gatherer active lifestyle to the sedentary living that is office work.

I term this corporate work desk syndrome, reference suggests that for every 2.5cm of forward head carriage we have approximately 5Kg more pressure on the neck and the rest of the spine.

How do you rate your posture? How about at the end of the work day?

When we are in these forward postures our body works extremely hard to compensate. The muscles above your shoulders tighten as do your chest muscles. We also start to get weak in the muscles below our shoulders (known as the scapular stabilisers). This creeping posture known as ‘upper cross syndrome’ causes neck and shoulder pain and the pressure under your head can trigger headaches (known as cervicogenic headaches). This cycle needs to be broken and gravity is our enemy!

Take a look at this video for a posture stretch that will sing your body praises. It pulls us backward to counteract all the forward sitting. Do it every 30 minutes or so when at your work desk and get your posture back on track!

Yours in health,



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