What is Dry Needling? Avalon Beach Chiropractic

Dry Needling is a term which was attributed by medical doctor, Janet G. Travell who used the term dry needling in her book “Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction: Trigger Point Manual” when differentiating between needles she used for injecting a local anesthetic and the ‘dry’ needles which were needles used without anesthetic to treat trigger points in muscles.

When referring to trigger points, it is the tight ‘knot’ many people will find in their muscles which can be treated with trigger point therapy, active release techniques or massage. Dry needling also treats these trigger points and when we refer to dry needling from a Chiropractors point of view we are only treating muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints – not meridians or body energy like Traditional Chinese Acupuncture methods.

Doctor of Chiropractic, Sam Garner is certified in advanced dry needling and commonly uses the therapy for release of tight muscles in the body. In particular he finds it effective in giving relief of the muscles around the spine, hips, hamstrings, calves and shoulder muscles and relieving tension in the muscles involved in tennis elbow and golfers elbow. The therapy can also be used for treating the shoulder, hip, knee and elbow joints.

If you have had dry needling before and have enjoyed the therapy please let your Chiropractor, Sam know so he can apply it to your treatment regime. Remember, when it comes to restoring normal function to the body we do not only look at the position of the skeleton and how it loads the joints causing nerve irritation, we must also treat the muscles using muscle releases and dry needling, we must do at home stretches and strengthening programs and we must traction the spine and tissues to their ideal position if we are to address the underlying cause of your problem. Chiropractors look at the cause of your problem and aim to correct the underlying issue as oppose to simply giving symptomatic relief only to have you return again with the same recurrent issue.

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