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So many patients that have walked into our office are in pain and have been for a long period. While their ailments manifest as pain, often an individual has been neglecting their body, and in more ways than one, for a long time.

The body has a number of different types of stressor that can cause ill health and pressure on the body.

Physical Stressors: This is probably the most obvious one. While many would associate a physical stress as a trauma such as a motor vehicle accident or a sporting injury, the biggest culprit for this type of stress on the body are the micro traumas that build up over time. For the majority of the population we are talking about poor posture due to prolonged sitting and the associated pressure build up on the joints and discs as we deny the body an opportunity to MOVE as it was designed to through its full and REQUIRED range of motion.

This is most commonly associated with sitting at your work desk, but also sitting during the commute, sitting during your lunch breaks and sitting at the computer or in front of the television in the evenings. The lack of movement and pressure build up causes the joints to go into a state of inflammation and results in pain.

Nutritional/Chemical Stressors: This type of stress is due to the lack of good nutrition that is required to provide your body with enough vitamins and minerals thereby keeping your body alkaline by ensuring enough green vegetables are ingested to balance out the acidity associated with processed foods, wheat, grains, dairy, meat, coffee and alcohol. Many individuals present to our practice in an acidic state, which promotes INFLAMMATION in the body and therefore ENHANCES a reactive process or can even stimulate an inflammatory episode which manifests as a sore, inflamed joint or an achey muscle.

Emotional Stress: For many individuals, they neglect what is traditionally referred to as the mind-body connection. When we are overworked, stressed or under emotional trauma our body is in a “fight or flight” response and running on adrenaline. In the long term this runs down the body and causes the body to tense up. Addressing stress in the mind, can help the body to minimise physical stress.

For the most part, a patient presents to a clinic and will receive pain relief during that period until the pain is at a more bearable state. The patient is happy, goes back to normal life and then their problem can come back and sometimes VERY quickly. In my opinion it is often because they have not addressed the other aspects of their life – the nutritional or emotional factors involved with their illness. In other cases it is often because the practitioner reduces their inflammation and gets their body moving normally again only for the patient to return to a sedentary lifestyle, denying their body the movement it requires.

The purpose of a wellness clinic, is to address all of those aspects of health (if the patient wants to). The patient will receive a thorough examination and then can be directed to the appropriate practitioner(s) to direct their care and keep them accountable for the changes required to achieve optimal health. The appropriate professional can work in close communication with the others to achieve the best long term outcome for the patient and achieve optimal HEALTH as oppose to providing reactive SICK care.

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