Numb hands and tingling at night? Chiropractic may help!

If you are a sufferer of numbness, tingling in the hands, burning hands or a dead sensation when you wake you may be suffering a common condition referred to as thoracic outlet syndrome.

Thoracic outlet syndrome is when the tight muscles in your chest and either side of your neck put pressure on the blood vessels which travel out of your torso or thorax hence the name ‘thoracic outlet syndrome’. As these blood vessels are compressed there is reduced blood flow to your hands which results in tingling and numb sensations.

Commonly this condition is caused by poor posture, as our shoulders move forward, our chest muscles tighten in this position and as the head moves forward our muscles either side of our neck referred to as the scalene muscles and trapezius muscles tight.

The symptoms may not only arise at night, they may also be experienced when lying on your side, or on your back for a prolonged period, when sitting with your arm raised (for example with your arm around your partner) or when working with your arms in front for a period of time (putting the washing out for example).

A Chiropractor helps with thoracic outlet syndrome by utilising Chiropractic treatments, traction, at home stretches and strengthening exercises to return your upper bodies posture to it’s optimal position. By correcting your bodies posture it will reduce strain on the chest and shoulder muscles and allow the balance of tension in the front of the body and the back of the body to even out. If the back muscles are strengthened the tension will oppose the abnormally tight chest and shoulder muscles which occurs in the majority of desk bound workers.

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