Posture, your headaches and how they relate

If you suffer a weekly headache or even a daily headache, you may have never considered that this is not normal. Sometimes because you have suffered headaches for such a long period you start to think this is just something that everybody suffers from.

The cause of a headache is more often than not coming from tension in your neck. Other causes are things like allergies from a particular sensitivity or from a more sinister condition. So how does the tension in your neck manifest to the point that it causes a headache?

Your head is about the weight of a bowling bowl. When your head sits comfortably above your shoulders (the middle of your ear sitting above the middle of your shoulder when we look from the side) there is no stress on the structures of your neck. As your head drifts forwards with poor posture over time, or an acquired posture from sports injuries or motor vehicle accidents making the ligaments of your neck more lax the weight of the head is amplified down the back of your neck. Studies have shown that for every inch forward your head is the stress is amplified by up to 10 times per an inch of forward head carriage.

When the joints in your neck become irritated because of strain over time they inflame and put pressure on the adjacent nerves, the nerves at the top of your spine travel into the back and side of your head and above your eyes. If you notice your neck often becomes stiff or sore and then shortly after you suffer a headache or migraine it is more than likely your headache is caused by your posture.

Ask somebody at work to take a photo at you from the side, both when your standing and after you have been sitting at your desk for a period of time. Consider the set up of your work station and how you could change it. Take a break and stand up every 30 minutes, sit-to-stand desks are a fantastic invention which will decrease your postural stress.

If you are concerned about your posture consider visiting your chiropractor, chiropractors focus on correcting your posture when you are suffering chronic headaches and neck stiffness or neck pain. They do this using various chiropractic techniques assisted by at-home traction to correct your posture.

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