What is Sports Chiropractic and Sports Massage?

Chiropractic and massage have long been publicised as great means of pain relief but many members of the public are not aware of the great benefits of sports chiropractic and sports massage.

Avalon beach Chiropractic have provided sports chiropractic and sports massage for the Avalon Ocean Swim, the Newport to Avalon “Around The Bends Swim”, the Palm Beach to Whale Beach “Big Swim”, for the Avalon Soccer Club and the Palm Beach Polo By The Sea.

Avalon Beach Chiropractic will also be providing sports chiropractic and sports massage at the upcoming Pub2Pub Fun Run which will finish at Newport SLSC. If you wish to be updated regarding the events we provide care please take a look and follow our facebook page.

So what is sports chiropractic and sports massage? Chiropractic spinal manipulation, joint manipulation and mobilisation, massage and muscle release techniques, dry needling, taping/strapping of injuries, heat and ice application among many other techniques all come under the umbrella of sports chiropractic.

When an individual is competing in a high intensity sport which pushes them above their normal thresholds to achieve a heightened result, injuries are in a high risk category. By receiving sports chiropractic and sports massage competitors can decrease their likelihood of injury by taping injuries for prevention of re-injury such as a sprain/strain or dislocation, they can receive massage and muscle release techniques to reduce previously built up tension, they can receive massage post-event for release of tension, they can receive heat before an event to warm up, or ice/cold therapy to reduce inflammation in an injured region after the event. They can improve range of motion by having their back, neck or joints of the arms and legs adjusted or mobilised. These are just a hanful of the treatment types utilised during sports chiropractic.

Sports chiropractic and sports massage is now being utilised in major baseball and NRL teams in America as well as many other sports teams such as Premier League Soccer teams.

If you are interested in Sports Chiropractic and Sports Massage in the Avalon, Newport, Palm Beach, Whale Beach, Clareville, Bilgola or Mona Vale area, or are simply visiting the northern beaches do not hesitate to call the clinic on 02 9918 0070 and we can schedule an appointment.

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Samuel Garner
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