Whiplash is an injury to the muscles and ligaments of the neck after a trauma (such as a motor vehicle accident) causes a rapid forward and backward motion of the neck. It causes very acute pain as well as restricted movement of the neck due to damage of the surrounding tissues.

Chiropractic care has been shown to be effective in whiplash cases in reducing pain and improving cervical range of motion. It is also important that you follow the exercises prescribed by your chiropractor in whiplash cases as restoration of a normal posture is required after the ligaments have been stretched out by this mechanism of injury. If proper posture if not restored the injury can cause future neck pain and back pain incidence.

Typical Chiropractic care for whiplash will include: gentle chiropractic adjustment/mobilisation of the joints which are restricted with a reduced range of motion, soft tissue therapies such as massage, dry needling which is an acupuncture like therapy for the muscles in the involved area, gentle stretching (including home stretches), strengthening exercises for the stabilisers and postural muscles of the neck, gentle at home traction to restore normal range of motion (see images attached) among various other therapies such as cold and heat therapies based on the stage of your injury.

Chiropractors are also qualified to take x-rays, refer for x-rays and interpret x-rays which may be requested after your initial consultation to assess if there is any further damage to the structures of the neck, in particular if you have neurological symptoms such as severe headaches, referred pain into the arms or significant weakness in your arms or legs.

It is always important to get your body checked after a motor vehicle accident even if you feel the initial intense pain has reduced, during the initial stages of injury there is a large degree of inflammation which will feel better as the inflammation reduces however the structural changes after a whiplash injury can cause repercussion in the coming weeks, months or years if it is not rehabilitated.

If you are concerned about your injury or are perhaps just researching online as we speak feel free to call the clinic on 02 9918 0070 and our Chiropractor can speak to you over the phone to ascertain if our care is suitable to you.

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